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When it comes to slating and tiling, we can solve any of your roofing requirements.


When it comes to slating and tiling, we can solve any of your roofing requirements.

Our range of know-how in the roofing industry, gained over many years, enables us to advise you on the solution best matching the needs of your home or business.


You might fear that your roof is damaged, perhaps because the ceiling appears to leak after a spell of rain. However, you can arrange for us to inspect that roof for free. If we do pick up on issues, we can carry out cost-effective repairs or fit a replacement roof should we deem it necessary.


Used broadly across domestic, commercial and industrial properties for more than 150 years, lead remains a popular building material. It is not only durable but also heavily resistive to corrosion, and has practically the capacity to both shrink and expand, according to temperature.

When we come to your property, we will be able to demonstrate the appropriate thickness of the lead required on your property, in line with current building regulations.


Here at Whites Roofing, we have teams specialising in not only the construction of new chimney stacks across the area, but also the repair of current chimney stacks.

Any work undertaken on chimney stacks is also subject to a wealth of health and safety guidelines, with which there must be continual compliance. All in all, only the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals are able to undertake such specialised work.

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